Ranking the Vendors of B2B EBPP Solutions

June 24, 2001


Boston, MA, USA June 22, 2001

Celent Communications offers the first in-depth reports ranking the leading vendors of B2B EBPP solutions.

In a new report titled " ," Celent Communications takes an in-depth look into the leading solution providers of the up and coming market, business-to-business (B2B) electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP). 

The 42-page report provides an in-depth analysis of the following vendors: Avolent, BCE Emergis, BillingZone, Bottomline Technologies, edocs, iPlanet and Pitney Bowes.Each vendor solution is critiqued and compared in terms of features, experience, cost, customer service, as well as other criteria.


Top Vendor
1 BCE Emergis
2 Bottomline Technologies
3 Avolent

“Two years ago, few vendors offered any form of B2B EBPP.Most of the solutions that existed were mere adaptations of a B2C EBPP solution. However, over the past year, an increasing number of vendors have entered the market for B2B EBPP and the pre-existing solutions have evolved,” noted Ariana-Michele Moore, a co-author of the report.“Adoption rates in the B2C EBPP market are not as strong as originally anticipated, but the B2B side of the business is quite promising.The potential for cost savings is very significant in the B2B market, compared to those for the B2C.However, adoption will not take off unless there are robust solutions that can withstand the critics.”

Financial institutions have the potential to play a large role in the B2B EBPP market.Situated at the heart of the payments infrastructure and cash management solutions, they are well positioned to offer the solution to Fortune 1000 customers.Celent predicts that annual spending on B2B EBPP solutions will increase from US$27 million in 2000 to over US$100 million in 2005.  

A Table of Contents is available online.

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Table of Contents


Boston, MA, USA June 22, 2001

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  The Need for B2B EBPP 3
  Demand for Efficiency 3
  Bill vs. Invoices 4
  Cost-Benefit Analysis 5
  B2B EBPP is not B2C EBPP 6
  B2B EBPP Functionalities 7
  The Financial Institution's Role 10
  Participating FInancial Institutions 10
  Focus: Deutsche Bank. 10
  Lessons Learned 12
  Other Market Initiatives 14
  Avolent 16
  BCE Emergis 18
  Billing Zone 20
  Bottomline Technologies 23
  eDocs 26
  iPlanet 27
  Pitney Bowes Docsense 30



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