Model Insurer Asia Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Celent Model Insurer Asia Award Submissions

This information will assist you in completing a nomination form for a Celent Model Insurer Asia Award. Below are generalized criteria that are considered by Celent when evaluating submissions. For more information, download the free report, Becoming a Celent Model Insurer: A Guide to Celent's Annual Awards Program.

General submission and Award Criteria

  • The initiative has been implemented at an insurance company, a company that takes on risks under the policies it sells in return for the payment of premiums.
  • The nominated initiative is LIVE (in production) and functioning at the insurance company. Pilot programs are not considered live and in production.
  • The nominated insurer has been involved in the submission and is willing to be actively involved in the post-submission evaluation process which includes follow up emails and interviews, and possible inclusion in the Celent Model Insurer Asia Report.
  • Quantitative success metrics are measured and provided. Nominations without quantitative success metrics will not be accepted.
  • Quantifiable results from a pilot program are acceptable however it must be noted that the results are from a pilot. Full production results are preferred.
  • The initiative has not been submitted for another Celent 2017 Model Award this year, e.g., Model Insurer.

Quality of Nominations

The importance of the quality of the nomination itself, and of the supporting information, cannot be overemphasized. The nomination should be as specific, accurate, and complete as possible. It is imperative that the true merits of the initiative be conveyed through this information. Keep in mind that in most cases those involved in the selection process will have no personal knowledge of the nominated initiative and will lean heavily on the information provided for the information they need to make reasonable judgments. In some cases, Celent will check publicly available information to augment or substantiate the information provided.

Nominations for this year's Model Insurer Asia Awards are closed. Once submitted, all communication will occur between Celent and the insurer, however Celent will acknowledge the receipt of the submission with both the insurer and, if applicable, the vendor partner.

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