Celent 60-Second (Give or Take) Soliloquies


Asia: Innovation Inspiration

Senior Vice President Neil Katkov, PhD outlines how Asia is proving to be a major source of innovation in financial services.

Electronic Trading Infrastructure in Asia

Senior Vice President Neil Katkov, PhD talks about how the trading infrastructure in Asia is moving into new territory and how it has the potential to influence other markets as well.

Innovative Insurance Strategies in Asia

Senior Vice President Neil Katkov, PhD discusses the latest innovations in the Asian insurance market.

Mobile Applications Used in the Asian Insurance Industry)

Senior Analyst Wenli Yuan (袁文力) describes how mobile applications are being used in the Asian Insurance Industry.

(Mobile Financial Services in Asia, Japanese)

Analyst KyongSun Kong talks about mobile in the financial services industry.

아시아 모바일 금융서비스의 전망
(Mobile Financial Services in Asia, Korean)

  Analyst KyongSun Kong (공경순 ) talks about mobile in the financial services industry.

The New Balance of Power in the Asian Banking Industry

Senior Vice President Neil Katkov, PhD explains how the banking industry in Asia is taking on new dimensions.


The Importance of Systemic Thinking

Senior Vice President Daniel W. Latimore discusses why it is important for banks to think in systems.


Advice for CIOs

Research Director (and former CIO) Tom Scales shares some valuable advice for CIOs.

European Online Insurance Market Trends

Senior Analyst Nicolas Michellod speaks on the latest trends in the European online insurance market.

An Holistic View of Vendor Selection

Research Director Karlyn Carnahan outlines the vendor selection process.

Microinsurance: An Untapped Market?

Senior Analyst Juan Mazzini defines microinsurance and explains its potential.

An Overview of Social Media

Senior Analyst Mike Fitzgerald provides an overview of social media and why insurers would want to utizlize it.


PAS Vendors in the European Life, Annuities, and Pensions Markets

Senior Vice President Jamie Macgregor talks about the PAS vendors in the life, annuities and pensions markets in Europe.

The Rollout of Exchanges

Research Director Tom Scales discusses the rollout of the healthcare exchanges.

Social Media in Insurance

Senior Analyst Mike Fitzgerald discusses typical ways social media is used in the insurance industry.

A Technology To-do List for the Insurance Industry

Senior Analyst Craig Beattie outlines a technology "to-do" list for the insurance industry.

Technology Use in Latin America

Senior Analyst Juan Mazzini expounds on the use of technology among Latin American insurers.

Thinking Through Software as a Service

Research Director Tom Scales describes the thinking process of deciding whether to choose software as a service as a solution.


Fixed Income's Technology Renaissance

Senior Vice President David Easthope describes the technological renaissance currently underway in the fixed income space.

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