Discovery Dives

Celent Discovery Dives

Discovery Dives are intense, interactive, one-day experiences where Celent experts take you and your colleagues through a series of exercises designed to build a deeper understanding of a topic of your choosing. The goal is to quickly provide you with actionable, real-world advice.

How do they work?

Our analysts are recognized thought leaders and experts in the industry. We have an unparalleled understanding of the financial services industry and we use that knowledge to delve into your topic of choice. We bring an objective voice and serve as an active facilitator to ensure that your team remains on track and on target while pushing you out of your comfort zone and offering an alternative viewpoint.

Sound daunting? It is. But we’ve conducted dozens of Discovery Dives and the dominant reaction is,

“We wish we had done this sooner!”

What’s the agenda?

Entirely up to you. In advance of our session, a detailed agenda is created to ensure that your specific concerns will be addressed.

When and where do Discovery Dives take place?

Anytime, anywhere. With our global presence, Discovery Dives can take place at a time and location that is convenient for you—whether it’s the comfort of your office or at one of our global locations.

Who should participate?

We recommend keeping the group small (5-7 people). We supply the Analyst, you supply the stakeholders.

Ready to take the plunge?

To set up your Discovery Dive, fill out the form, contact your account manager, or send an email to