Celent Core Values Statement

Celent’s core values define who we are, and how we work.



It’s the heart of what we provide as a research firm. We put our deep vertical expertise, extensive research network, analytical discipline, and intellectual curiosity to work every day. The result is a steady flow of “ah-ha!” moments that will help you improve your business.



In developing our industry views, we rely on thoughtful methodologies which ensure that we consistently gather the right data points. We employ best practices, such as having transparency in our approaches, clearly identifying the value proposition for participants in our research, and use of peer reviews.



Our clients—including financial institutions, IT services firms, software vendors, and other consulting firms—all value our work because they know they can depend on our objectivity. Since our inception, we have been known for calling it like we see it, regardless of the consequences. This tradition endures because we believe it is what our clients want and deserve, and because the entire Celent team knows it is the right thing to do.



There is a reason that working with Celent feels different. We are passionate about what we do, which is why we approach everything with energy and enthusiasm. Celent is driven to excellence, and we expect this to come through in every customer experience.

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